Lighting Design

Efficient energy for buildings through innovative lighting design and utilization, optimal environmental quality and user comfort

We provide comprehensive lighting design and electrical engineering services, and our teams have designed interior and exterior lighting systems for facilities and campuses. These systems are a major component in ensuring energy efficiency for buildings. We also perform in-depth lighting studies to identify and address specific lighting goals and requirements.

With Lighting Certified (LC) professionals on staff, P2S teams are well-versed in the latest technologies. We offer lighting designs that not only accentuate the architectural elements of facilities, but also maximize energy savings by incorporating energy-efficient light fixtures and lamp and ballast combinations—all contributing to energy efficiency for buildings

Because lighting design is critical to achieving high-performance green building goals, P2S is committed to providing its clients with energy-efficient and sustainable lighting designs that emphasize low maintenance, standardization of lamp sources, reduced lighting power densities and aesthetics. This provides measurable benefits including lower operating and maintenance costs.

From providing interior and exterior lighting designs; exterior lighting master plans; existing lighting systems evaluation; sports fields lighting design; high mast lighting design; and lighting energy studies for commercial, industrial and institutional clients, P2S offers comprehensive lighting design services to help contribute to overall building energy efficiency. Our staff is committed to providing innovative and sustainable solutions that address energy efficiency for buildings and aesthetics and offer operating and maintenance savings for facilities.