High-Performance Green Building Design

High-peformance and energy-efficient design

At P2S, we consider sustainable engineering practices as a balance between environmental, economic and social responsibilities that meet our clients’ needs and avoiding any negative impacts on meeting similar needs for future generations. We are committed to driving the standards of green building design and practices forward in these areas.

Our team of California MEP engineers has a firm-wide passion and commitment to deliver sustainable engineering solutions and expertise in high-performance green building projects, we design projects to help clients reach their sustainability goals.

Our solutions are measurable and verifiable to be more energy-efficient and proven to save millions of dollars. We have designed green buildings that successfully employ efficient green building systems, renewable power sources, efficient lighting design and minimize the use of natural resources, while reducing operation and maintenance costs. In fact, more than 25% of P2S engineers are LEED-accredited design professionals

Our engineering staff brings buildings to life with high-performance energy and water-efficient designs, while providing high indoor environment quality with state-of-the-art control strategies.

As environmental concerns shape the future of construction, building owners are charged with the challenge and ultimately the decision to recognize the connection between energy-reducing techniques, green designs and the economic return when evaluating solutions. With the P2S approach of “Designing Green Solutions that WORK,” we are committed to demonstrating the value and return on investment and how environmental responsibility will benefit building owners in the long term.

Steps to designing high-performance green buildings that work

  • Establish a vision that embraces sustainable principles and an integrated design approach
  • Develop a clear statement of the project’s vision, goals, design criteria and priorities
  • Set performance goals that can be verified after the building is operational
  • Develop a project budget that covers “ green” building measures
  • Seek the advice of a design professional with green building experience
  • Select a design and construction team that is committed to the project vision
  • Develop a project schedule that allows for systems testing and commissioning
  • Develop contract plans and specifications to ensure that the building design is at a suitable level of performance
  • Create effective strategies to ensure the building maintains a high-performance throughout the life of its systems

At P2S Engineering we engineer high performance green buildings that work.