What Is Commissioning? Why You Need A Commissioning Agent.

Commissioning buildings and construction projects is critical for many reasons. First, commissioning can verify and measure building performance. Second, it can help building achieve optimal performance of building systems. Third, commissioning is a quality assurance process that provides a long-term plan to ensure proper maintenance while maximizing user comfort. Finally, a commissioning plan provides documentation and proof that building owners comply with minimum CALGreen code requirements, which became mandatory in January 2011 for all new building construction in California.

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As one of the fastest-growing segments of our business, our commissioning service allows our clients to accurately assess the building performance while identifying how the operational, efficiency and functional are meeting the needs of the facility.

Commissioning not only verifies that projects perform as designed, it also prepares facility owners and managers to effectively and efficiently maintain a facility for its service life. The P2S commissioning team helps facility owners and managers improve efficiency and maximize energy conservation, enhance occupant comfort, improve maintainability, increase performance and lower operation and maintenance costs.

For new and existing building systems, P2S provides commissioning services so its clients can gain clarity and accurately determine if design objectives and goals are met. We leverage our experience not only from prior commissioning projects but also from designing and executing facility infrastructure in a wide array of markets. We provide training, tools and strategies to help owners continually improve the performance of their facilities while lowering operating costs.

P2S offers a comprehensive offering of commissioning (Cx) services, including LEED Cx, On-Going Cx, Retro-Cx, MBCx and New Building Cx. The service that makes sense for a specific application depends on a variety of factors.

Quick guide to P2S Commissioning Services & California Commissioning Agents

On-Going Cx: Even properly commissioned buildings slowly deteriorate. On-going commissioning provides monitoring programs and strategic maintenance plans so building performance is continuously addressed and potential problems are spotted ahead of the normal deterioration cycle, thus ensuring optimal performance throughout the lifecycle of the building.

Retro-Cx: This is a post-construction cursory review and identifies those designs that were deviated from the original intent and specifications and corrects them with low-cost operational changes, as needed.

MBCx: Monitoring-based commissioning is a more in-depth form of Retro-Cx where the emphasis is on collection and analysis of data from real system operation to establish the baseline of actual system operation. MBCx will identify actual operating conditions and uncover any problem areas that affect operational efficiencies and costs.

New Building Cx: Monitors and enforces plans and specifications, verifies contractors’ adherence to design and specs and integrates design and construction teams for better collaboration—with the ultimate goal of achieving a comfortable and efficient building.

LEED Cx: Leed commissioning follows the same goals and objectives as Retro-Cx or New Building Cx, except within the guidelines, scope and terminology as set by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification process.

What is commissioning and how can commissioning help you? Ask P2S about building commissioning and systems commissioning today.

For more in-depth information about the P2S Commissioning Division and services, please visit