1 05, 2014

Smarter School Security Systems to Ensure Our Kids Feel Safe


Image Source: Stockvault

Long Beach, California – When it comes to assessing threats, schools in Los Angeles likely have more experience than most other districts in the country. Nevertheless, after the temporary shutdown of nearly 1,100 schools in LA, the security debate calls for new safety audits and funding. However, schools should not be prisons — in order to keep our children safe the use of systems that deter and mitigate risk are essential. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure the freedom necessary for daily school life.

“Modern facility security master-planning needs to provide answers to this dualism. We need to talk about cost-effective electronic security enhancements, such as video surveillance, intrusion detection and improved access control,” says Charlie Musser, a K-12 school expert from P2S Engineering. The concept of security planning is as critical as ever to lessening the vulnerability of our learning institutions.

P2S works with educational organizations which strive daily to protect their students, faculty and assets. The continued convergence of physical security and technology systems allow these institutions to minimize vulnerability, provide for more efficient incident analysis, make quicker decisions and provide appropriate response measures to relieve security concerns. The concept is the ultimate integration of physical security with an established IT infrastructure, providing a path for the deployment of newer security technologies.

The needs for learning institutions may differ depending on the sensitivity of information and areas requiring protection coverage. That is why it is necessary to provide a wide range of services from video surveillance in parking lots and student drop-off areas to emergency phones at main paths of travel. Those systems also include license plate recognition at entry/exit points to confirm who is accessing the campus. Different degrees of access control systems may also be implemented from electronic locks to biometric verification for access to sensitive areas.

When helping to advance safety measures, P2S aims to identify potential threats and formulate an operations plan to maximize the effectiveness of the physical security systems. “Additional training allows staff to prepare and respond to protect students and faculty in the event of an incident,” adds Charlie Musser.

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