4 26, 2014

New Project: Sacramento State University Science Building II

Sacramento State University

With the goal of creating a state-of-the-art facility with collaborative spaces, Sacramento State University is currently building the new Science Building II and cutting-edge teaching labs for students’ use to further their academic goals. The new facility is estimated to be at 95,000 SF of mixed research and teaching laboratory facilities that will be a high profile building to educate, host, and recruit students and academic staff. The facility will also contain unique features such as a planetarium and an observatory.

Working with the design-build team (Sundt Construction and CO Architects), P2S offers solutions to the project with engineering design and services. One of the key challenges is integrating this sophisticated facility into a complex utility infrastructure grid while maintaining the balance between existing utility capacity and the new load that the building will create. In particular, the campus utilizes a thermal energy storage system to reduce electric demand during peak hours. The campus peak demand for chilled water indicates that there is little room for additional load before the capacity of the thermal energy storage system is exceeded.

Our team’s approach to addressing this challenge involves collaborating with the entire design team to emphasis minimizing building demands. This method includes a portfolio of design strategies such as optimizing laboratory ventilation efficiency, developing a high-performance building envelope that minimizes thermal loads while maximizing daylighting performance, and integrating high-efficiency LED lighting and lab equipment into the design.

Once the building load is minimized through passive and active strategies, our team will further diminish the impact on the campus thermal energy storage system by designing chilled water coils with a higher chilled water delta-T than the design rating of the thermal energy storage tank. Higher chilled water delta-T will effectively increase the cooling energy potential of the existing physical dimensions of the thermal energy storage system.

“I hope to strengthen our relationship with Sacramento State as well as our contractor and architect partners by delivering a building that exceeds the team’s expectations. Sacramento State has planned for decades to build this facility, so this project represents a unique and rare opportunity to demonstrate our team’s ability to design top tier laboratory facilities.”

Nathan Ho, PE, LEED AP, Mechanical Engineer