Jun 23, 2014

LEED™ Gold Certification and Exceeding Title 24 Requirements Key Features of P2S Office Expansion and Renovation

This spring, P2S finally pulled the wraps off the expansion and complete renovation of its Long Beach offices. After nearly two years of planning and a year of construction, the new space is in the process of being certified to comply with LEED Gold status. The renovation included a 30% percent increase in total space for a total of 30,000 square feet. The renovation was done with four main goals in mind: (1) sustainability (2) advanced engineering (3) teamwork and collaboration spaces (4) employee wellness. “We are thrilled that we could apply our experience and passion to green design and engineering on our own space,” said Kevin Peterson, President and CEO of P2S Engineering.

p2s_photos_5232011-24“For our employees, partners and clients, our new space represents and marks another landmark, as this year we’re celebrating our 20th anniversary of doing business in Long Beach.” There are a number of design and engineering features that contributed to P2S reaching LEED Gold including lighting that uses 40% less energy than that allowed by Title 24 Energy Code.
The project utilized low VOC materials for paint, sealants, adhesives,flooring and furniture. This reduces indoor air contaminants and provides a healthier environment for the occupants. Also, all workstations are comprised of 85% recycled content. Additionally, 100 percent of all new electrical appliances are Energy Star compliant, while all water fixtures use a low flush/low flow design, including toilets, lavatories, sinks and water closets to reduce water consumption. Special attention was made to promote paperless office operation and communication.

p2sofficeglass-smFor the HVAC and lighting controls, P2S designed an advanced system that provides controllability from mobile devices and desktop systems. Each workstation also features LED task lights, while the design provides for dimming perimeter lights when daylighting is available. In fact, every workstation and collaborative space features glass making for an open and expansive feel to the space.
In planning for the new green space, P2S made a long 10-year lease commitment to the location. The spaces also include a new training room and a number of team collaboration workspaces to foster a learning and social working environment.
Further efforts were made to reduce the environmental impact of the project, including diverting more than 80% of the demolition and construction waste to recycling facilities. While other local opportunities for the expanded lease space were considered, the fact that the P2S offices are within walking distance to two independent bus lines was a strong factor in deciding to renovate and expand the existing facility. “We also decided to provide space for secure storage of bicycles,” said Peterson. “It’s important to provide our employees transportation alternatives which also reduces pollution and land development impacts from auto use.”

Employee and occupant comfort and workplace flexibility also played an important part of the design of the renovated and expanded facility. P2S allocated a prime corner location for a company fitness center. There is also a separate “Zen Room” where employees can relax with a massage, meditate or think away from their workstations. “We’re also focused on educating our employees and visitors on what we did to achieve LEED certification,” says Peterson. “So we’re providing signage explaining these features and hosting tours about sustainable office practices for both our teams and visitors.
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