Nov 15, 2014

Boeing’s Long Beach Complex First in Country to Earn Top Energy Star Award For Three Consecutive Years

The Boeing Long Beach Douglas Complex is one of the most energy efficient facilities in the United States; surpassing energy efficiency measures standards by tenfold. The Energy Star Challenge for Industry is a call-to-action campaign to achieve a 10 percent reduction in energy intensity within five years. The Boeing campus, which consists of three buildings, has cut its electricity consumption by 44.4 percent and its natural gas consumption by more than 60 percent since 2008.

Boeing was able to accomplish these goals by upgrading and refurbishing air conditioning systems using magnetic bearings to cut energy use and maintenance needs; mounting reflective film on windows to reduce heat from the sun; installing dimmable lighting systems that optimize lighting levels by detecting daylight in two of its buildings; and providing a graphic user interface for employees to adjust heating, air conditioning, parking structure lighting and other controls when working non-standard hours. These energy efficiencies have amounted to an annual savings of $900,000 and reduce the campus’ environmental footprint by the equivalent of nine coal rail cars each year. “Achieving ENERGY STAR milestones for Boeing sites has been a key factor in Boeing’s ‘four walls’ strategy to reduce energy usage and waste along with reducing the environmental footprint of Boeing operations,” according to a press release.

P2S is glad to be a team member on these energy efficiency projects. Congratulations to Boeing Long Beach!

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