Design and Engineering Experience for Local, State and Commercial Organizations

With a diverse portfolio of transportation engineering projects including transit, waterfront and airports, P2S assists local and state agencies and commercial enterprises in the transportation sector.

From mechanical design to technology infrastructure and a wide range of energy-related projects, P2S is committed to leveraging its highly experienced design and engineering team to innovate and deliver transportation solutions that enhance the communities and businesses involved. We understand that many of these projects require extended schedules and multiple phases—our team thrives under these conditions. Thanks to P2S’ forward thinking management team, we continue to grow and strengthen our business and service offerings, providing clients financial stability and professional services they can rely on from a long-term partner.

P2S works on projects of all sizes, complexities and scope—from marine and intermodal ports to passenger and cargo airports and municipal mass-transit facilities. We work in partnership with our customers to design solutions that minimize environmental impact while maximizing budgets and delivering on time schedules. From planning through construction management and implementation to maintenance and commissioning, P2S is committed to delivering projects that measurably meet the goals of the project.