Mission Critical/Data Centers

Designing Reliable and Sustainable Solutions for Mission Critical Facilities

Mission critical facilities must keep pace with the demands of the digital era and beyond, and we provide comprehensive data center design utilizing next-generation engineering practices. We understand that energy efficiency and reliability are complimentary qualities of a well-designed mission critical facility, and P2S is dedicated to providing sustainable engineering practices for these systems. For larger and more complex facilities, we can provide engineering studies and planning to better understand options and costs for achieving your goals before larger investments are made. P2S can provide full engineering, design, and commissioning once the desired solutions have been identified.

Data centers can be complex facilities with sophisticated MEP systems. Challenges could include space requirements, power and cooling availability, physical security and operational disruption. At P2S, we understand your mission critical facilities and IT department needs. With an extensive history of state-of-the-art MEP engineering designs, P2S strives to deliver designs that are scalable, flexible, efficient, and innovative to help reduce data center capital and operating costs.

Reliability is unquestionably the highest priority for your data center, and our understanding of redundant power supply sources including UPS, generator systems and redundant utility power feeds will help contribute to achieving the required Tier Level for your data center. In fact, our expertise with the supporting building infrastructure needs allows us to help plan total project specifications for your new or retrofit project requirements.

Green data centers are not affiliated with any one technology. For example, environmental controls range from traditional DX CRAC units to water cooled central air handling systems and even in-row and rack mounted cooling solutions. We have the expertise to help you select the system that best fits your performance, redundancy, cost, efficiency, and maintainability needs.