Focused on Engineering Innovation for the Healthcare Industry

P2S understand the importance of developing systems and designs for healthcare facilities that improve the patient’s’ experience, medical staff satisfaction and overall delivery of care.

We approach system design in medical facilities with great care to enhance the physical environment because we understand that the healing process is holistic and affected by the environment. As such, we work with our clients to identify specific goals while looking for opportunities and where we can build flexibility into our designs. We start with an understanding of the complete infrastructure so that we can plan for improvements, additions or new technology.

Our healthcare industry experience includes infrastructure, technology and commissioning projects for hospitals, outpatient facilities, vivariums, labs, cleanrooms and more. We are also experienced in technical facilities such as critical care (ICU), radiology and imaging suites, and postoperative recovery rooms and more.

Perhaps most critical is our understanding of the importance of keeping facilities operational during construction. Our team is experienced in sequencing and phasing of construction projects that will minimize impact on staff, patients and the physical environment.

P2S is committed to partnering with its clients, associated design teams and review agencies to ensure successful integration of systems, infrastructure and project execution. We stay up to date with healthcare regulations and technology, and our teams have experience working with OSHPD and work to streamline the review process. And with many LEED accredited engineers on staff, we apply sustainable designs in our healthcare engineering practice for clients committed to such goals.