Recording Studios, Sound Stages, Production Facilities and Theme Parks

The consulting engineers at P2S bring entertainment experience to mechanical and electrical infrastructures, technology and commissioning services—with an emphasis on solutions that address the increasing demands these facilities place on energy and resources. Plus, with a commitment to detail, high-performance green building design and sustainable engineering practices, P2S is ideally suited to provide entertainment solutions that meet these demands.

With a thorough understanding of infrastructure, we work closely with our clients to detail and document project goals and requirements while identifying opportunities. We also consider how to build flexibility into our designs as required by most entertainment facilities. Combine with its field and renovation experience, P2S provides system designs that are upgradeable, maintainable and cost-effective to reconfigure and operate. Our construction documents are clear and concise and provide system specifications for maximum life.

Team members are up-to-date with current innovations and are technically proficient with industry requirements and codes to make certain that occupant safety is always a priority. This expertise also allows for accurate cost estimates and timely completion of cost-efficient designs. We coordinate with building and site tenants to work around unique schedules for filming and day-to-day operations at theme parks with minimum disruption to the “entertainment” side of the business.

Whether a project is new construction or renovation, P2S works side-by-side with architects, studio design consultants and facility owners to design solutions that maximize building performance while minimizing energy and resource requirements. By partnering with clients, associated design team and review agencies, P2S is committed to ensuring optimal energy efficiency for buildings, system performance through the successful integration of high-performance building systems, infrastructure design and project management and execution.