Clean. Efficient. Generation.

22 Years of Energy Solutions and Conservation Projects in California

These projects include feasibility studies, energy studies, designs of both new and upgraded central plants and utility infrastructures, retrofitting and monitoring-based commissioning, renewable energy projects, thermal energy storage systems, fuel cell plants, HVAC upgrades, electrical upgrades and energy planning. We strive to provide innovative, cost-effective and sustainable solutions that maximize energy savings and help reduce operating costs. Plus, at P2S we are committed to pushing the limits for renewable energy.

Because facility energy requirements vary based on design, use, location and orientation, it is critical to define and measure energy efficiency to improve performance and efficiency.

At P2S, we know how to improve energy efficiency in facilities. We do this by first leveraging our knowledge of existing systems, maintenance and operations and utility rate structures. Second, we draw on our experience in working with emerging technologies and renewable energy sources. Finally, we identify the key factors critical to the success energy projects, including optimization for maximum annual energy efficiency, compatibility, reliability, and maintainability, as well as those that affect both the environment and the depletion of natural resources.

We also help our clients offset capital costs required to execute these projects by understanding and leveraging all the various incentives available from state and federal programs. It is our vision to contribute to the renewable energy future. Find out more on types of energy services we offer.

Renewable Energy Designs & Innovation

The majority of our nation’s energy requirements are met by fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas—all nonrenewable sources that draw on finite resources that will eventually dwindle, disappear or, in the future, will be too expensive or environmentally damaging to retrieve. In contrast, renewable energy resources—such as wind and solar energy—can be replenished. So not only is it important to conserve energy, it is essential that we promote the use of renewable energy sources to deliver clean energy that improves our lives and minimizes our impact on the environment.

P2S is well-versed in the design and implementation of renewable technologies used in California and worldwide. We help our clients minimize the use of natural resources and limit the dependence on fossil fuels. This minimizes exposure from volatile and escalating energy costs while providing environmental benefits by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, these renewable energy technologies reduce operating costs by minimizing future carbon emissions expenses and peak demand usage charges.

At P2S, our renewable energy design services include solar power systems, photovoltaic systems, solar hot water, and solar process heat and space heating and cooling, wind mills and turbines.

Through the availability of many state and federal incentives for new and emerging technologies, these technologies continue to become more attractive and cost-effective solutions to achieving greater facility energy efficiency.