Central Utility Plants

20 Years of Creative Design Solutions for Central Plants

P2S has earned a reputation as a leader in central utility plant consulting and engineering. We emphasize design that balances construction and operating costs, and emphasizes reliability, maintainability and simplicity in state-of-the-art installations.

Since our inception, we have focused on central chilled water, hot water and combined heat and power systems for central utility plant design, operation and performance. We have honed our expertise through the successful completion of a wide array of projects at many educational, transportation, manufacturing and other facilities. We recognize how central plant system components and connect loads affect performance. Furthermore, we are intimately aware of the requirement of delivery of services to connected loads in an efficient manner at all times of the year.

Emphasis on central plant efficiency

For central utility plant efficiency we focus on system analysis and assessment of various configurations, calculating connected loads and annual load profiles to meet project goals while optimizing life cycle costs and efficiencies. Central plant equipment can then be specified and selected for optimal performance. These selections, combined with appropriate control strategies, provide maximum central utility plant efficiencies and minimal operating costs. Our focus is on providing plants that continue to perform reliably and efficiently for the life of the central plant.

We have complete project understanding. Our clients are impressed by the quality of P2S construction documents, which are immaculately detailed to be clear and concise and specify systems and facilities for a maximum service life of the central utility plant. We have immense experience in working closely with the project’s prime consultant—partnering to exceed the customer’s expectations and delivering the project on time and on budget. This experience allows us to contribute to the project’s success on multiple fronts. Our attention to detail ensures that these central plant projects meet or exceed the expectations of our client.